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Re: U15

Says the Dboard troll...

Re: U15

Unfortunately U16 has been watered down locally with bad 03’s. If the 03’s played u15 and you limited the number of teams it would be better for both age groups.

Locally, Jr Bruins, Cyclones, Kings, Giants and Bandits are all a complete joke because of this. All have a couple of good players at the u16 age, and a whole pile of crappy 03’s and a few full tuition paying bender 02’s making up their rosters making for a less than appealing option. BA and Islanders seem to be only good teams around here. Monarchs to far north for us but believe they are ok at this age, or at least they were last year.

Forget 03s - one of the teams mentioned has five 04s on the roster.