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Re: TG 10's Elite

No, not might be---he is.

Re: TG 10's Elite

Everyone knows the first rule of the dboard....You wait till they're ten to bash them.

Re: TG 10's Elite

Highlighting GA for an 8 year old goalie after three games - you might be the biggest loser on this site
No shade towards the goalie. GA is a team metric. The entire team owns that. Not any better highlighting a team of 8 y.o's but semantics

Re: TG 10's Elite

My son plays on the tg09. That 10 team is great group. The kids are hard working and all nice kids, the parents are all good people and there coach is the best I’ve ever seen. They had a bad game that hurt the number. They are 8 year olds in the beginning of the season. Don’t be a dick because you don’t like TG.

Re: TG 10's Elite

This is the HS board, no one cares about 8 year old youth hockey here.