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Re: Why Mount will fail

Quick update. No immediate concrete plans for rink to be built. No space or funding. Was told by new coach who is trying to recruit my kid 3+ years before a new rink at best. There will be minor repairs to current facility. No dorms will be on campus. They are working with a local college to rent space. Not ideal for us.

The bigger news is one of the coaches is bailing. I couldn’t figure out which one though.

Sounds like this will be very hard for them to establish a good program in the first 3 or 4 years, if it actually really gets off the ground. Sounds like it will basically turn into a place for better RI HS players to play.

Re: Why Mount will fail

There are actually some current Mount parents that think their kid will make one of the teams next year...delusional...

Re: Why Mount will fail

Makes me sad. Mount was an institution. I still love going to that rink . So much history there. Hope they can make it work

Re: Why Mount will fail

Time for a change. That midget Dbag DB ruined his dad’s historic program.

Re: Why Mount will fail

Line Change - Mount Saint Charles primed to go national with hockey program

By Brendan McGair - Woonsocket Call

WOONSOCKET – “This is a new era and 1,000 percent the right direction to go in.” With those words from Bryan Berard, a Woonsocket native and one of the more iconic players in Mount St. Charles hockey history, the time has come for the Catholic school to boldly head in a direction that builds upon the legacy that was created under the longtime keeper of the Mountie hockey flame, coach Bill Belisle.

Inside the Adelard Arena lobby on Thursday morning, a title was given to Mount’s prep-school hockey endeavor that was the brainchild of school president Alan Tenreiro. The Mount St. Charles Hockey Academy was officially launched with a target date to begin competing on a national level with the 2019-20 season.

Mount will feature four specific aged-based programs – Under-18, Under-16, Under-15, and Under-14 – that will play upwards of 55 games per season against top teams and showcase national events.

Tuition and fees for this new venture were also announced. There’s a $12,000 program fee that’s the same regardless if you’re a hockey student who’s commuting to MSC or boarding. For those who elect to live on Mount’s campus, it’ll cost $18,575. Tuition is $14,400 for day and boarding students while international boarding students will pay $17,975.
The new coaches, who were announced last month but were officially introduced by Mount on Thursday, have been hitting the recruiting trail over the past few weeks. By November, Tenreiro hopes to have a concrete plan for living arrangements for those planning to board. One possibility is to have the players stay on the fourth floor of the school building, which underwent renovations over the summer.

“You want to show that it’s a safe place to live,” said Tenreiro after the press conference was over and the group was preparing to transition to Ciro’s Tavern for a hockey alumni meet-and-greet. Before everyone gathered at Adelard Arena, a breakfast meeting/private reception was held on the Mount campus.
Reminders of Mount’s glorious hockey past and a promising future met in the middle on Thursday. The iconic Belisle was joined by his son Dave, also a key figure in Mount’s rise to hockey prominence and dominance. The upcoming season will mark the final one for this father-son tandem behind the Mount bench, but several school officials on

Thursday confirmed that Bill and Dave Belisle will continue to remain involved with the program that means so much to each of them.

“The tradition will continue,” Dave Belisle said. “It’s a good thing, but it’s going to take a lot of hard work.”
Players from MSC’s glory days on hand Thursday included Berard, Pawtucket native Keith Carney, and Woonsocket native Brian Boucher. Combined, the three logged 39 NHL seasons. Earlier this year, Berard was named Mount’s director of player development/on-ice skating & skills coach while Boucher was tabbed as strategic advisor for MSC’s hockey operations.

Getting prominent hockey alumni involved was one of the keys in bringing Tenreiro’s vision to life. Shortly after he was named president at Mount in 2017, Tenreiro mapped out six goals as part of his strategic plan. One of those goals was identified as re-positioning Mount athletics with the target of taking hockey nationally.

“To me, Alan has been very impressive. He’s been all about Mount Pride,” Berard said. “We want to save the school and at the same time save the hockey program.”

Along those lines, Tenreiro said that Mount’s enrollment numbers are nine percent above current projections and were tabulated before any hockey announcements.

“The essence of Mount will never change, but we need to change to keep up with the times,” Tenreiro said.
Over the past calendar year, the pieces that allowed for Thursday’s unveiling to see the light of day started to fall into place. The coaches for the Mount St. Charles Hockey Academy are already lined up. Matt Plante and Devin Rask are the co-directors of hockey operations with Plante to serve as head coach of the Under-18 team while Rask leads the Under-16 team. Scott Gainey, who like Plante and Rask previously worked at Connecticut’s South Kent School, will lead the Under-15 squad while Lyrrad Braceful heads up the Under-14 unit.

An office for the Mount Hockey Academy is in the process of being setup inside Adelard Arena. Rask and Plante peaked inside their future work space after Thursday’s presentation.

“Seeing what’s here as far as the tradition, the alumni, and the support … all those pieces are pretty cool,” said Rask, an All-American player at Providence College. “The buzz is out there about what’s coming. There’s a lot of excitement.”
For now, Mount’s recruiting efforts will primarily target United States-based prospects.
“Eventually, we will reach worldwide,” Rask said.

Other additions to the Mount Hockey Program include Rask’s former Friar teammate Nolan Schaefer as goalie coach and Michael Macchioni as director of strength & conditioning. Macchioni holds the same title with the NHL’s Boston Bruins.

Besides the four prep school teams, Mount will continue to field an Interscholastic League team and a club-level squad. Having multiple options that appeal to players regardless of ability is what Tenreiro dubbed as inroads.
“We don’t want to have off-roads. We want to have avenues,” Tenreiro said.

“It’s great to see,” Carney said. “For kids in Rhode Island, this gives them an option.”
Mount officials met with the R.I. Interscholastic League’s Principals’ Committee on Athletics last month to discuss this hockey venture. At the time, the league expressed concern about Mount’s plan. Another meeting with the PCOA is scheduled for November.

“I’m sure we’ll come to a compromise that makes sense for everybody,” Tenreiro said.
As the speaking portion of Thursday’s announcement drew to a close, a jersey presentation took place where Bill Belisle was asked to step forward and hold up the red jersey that players within the MSC Hockey Academy will wear. The elder Belisle was then asked to lead the room in what’s been a standard practice inside the Mount locker room following a victory.

“Hip Hip,” said Belisle with everyone responding, “Hooray!” It might be a new day at Mount, yet the past remains just as crucial to what lies ahead.

“We have this great foundation, but we have to give the new coaches the support they need,” Dave Belisle said. “They need our help because we are one. They’ve got the goods, but we’re going to help them with that passion. We’re going to help them sell it, but it’s going to be an easy sell.”

Re: Why Mount will fail

Sounds a little pricey for Woonsocket....

Re: Why Mount will fail

Sounds a little pricey for Woonsocket....
Apparently RI journalists are for sale - cheap. A similar infomercial was posted on The Athletic yesterday by a reporter formerly with the Providence Journal.

Re: Why Mount will fail

So $26k for locals and $33k for imports? For basically an equivalent to the Boston Shamrock? Do I have that right? An association with a bad Catholic school, terrible rinks and facilities, no campus in a crime and poverty ridden area, and a huge tuition bill? In a crappy league, if staying in USPHL.

I’ll pass thanks. These guys will regret this move a year or two from now. Their recruiting base will be crappy RI and SE Mass kids and bad rich Europeans that can’t cut it on their own turf.

So Boston Shamrocks part 2.....

Re: Why Mount will fail

I’m reading 45k with boarding...

Re: Why Mount will fail

It’s not in a bad neighborhood at all. It’s in a Nice middle class part of Woonsocket and even the worst section in Woonsocket is nothing compared to Providence. Just wanna bees in Woonsocket. Know what your talking about before you write.

Re: Why Mount will fail

Good one Mounted Dude...

Sorry the rest of us live in the real crap hole.

Re: Why Mount will fail

#11 in OP is an absolute joke and clearly this poster has been smoking some good stuff.

Lasalle in NEPSAC would be a disaster with exception perhaps of lax bc of coach. Hockey is not even close to that level. It may be true they applied bc they are now panicking with this mount move since it will be them an BH holding the bag of :hankey: but no way will they get in. Moses tried that remember and it was a joke which is why they are now back in RIIL. Lasalle is no st. sebs not even close. MB at least had academics to compete in ISL but not athletically. LSA is ghetto and playing at pc is not the same as owning your own facility