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Re: Boston Advantage

The \"only\" team with in the BA organization wasn\'t as good as TL himself made it out to be. They played in a weak E9 league and almost never played in ANY of the high end elite tournaments back in the day.
Absolutely true. His 02 avoided every good tournament and played in a weak league. Every year they dodged good competition - even last year they enter the state Tournament as U15 when you know no top end 02s play U15. No one plays U15. Reality hits this year as they are ranked #57 in country.

Re: Boston Advantage

Correct. They are highly overrated.

Re: Boston Advantage

Last time I checked the U15/02 team last year won the ECEL level at u16!!! Go ahead tell me that league stinks. Feel free to look at the teams in it. I think they just beat the full season u16 Kong’s with ease 5-1. What a joke. Oh and they lost in OT to the St Luis blues in the Tier 1 final last year. So when you are playing HD hockey enjoy.

Re: Boston Advantage

F/S U16 Kings are awful...not sure where everyone went but they need some help in Foxboro