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Re: 04 8th grader looking for second half team

As stated earlier, you\'ll have lots of options after Turkey Day as there are always kids that commited to a full season program that end up making a varsity team. Chances are you\'ll have some choices, not just scraps. My advice, reach out to a few coaches come November and let them know you are around and you would be interested if things \"happen\" after high school tryouts.
The best full season U14 programs have kids that have already made their decision around whether they will leave to play Varsity HS hockey - they won't, because they know it sucks. if they are leaving, then aren't playing FS. Or they will play both.

Then you have the kids that are in Prep School - they already know whether they are on varsity or not, and didn't sign up for FS U14 if they were recruited. Or they will play both.

So, what you are left with are kids that surprisingly make Varsity as Freshmen or 8th Graders and think that, somehow, that's an achievement when it actually speaks volumes about the quality of the program. More likely, their parents want to brag about Johnny playing Varsity at 14 (but more accurately taking occasional shifts). The aren't playing solid FS U14 teams. More likely Tier 1 EHF or whatever Elite/BHL is calling their second tier U14s this year.

In other words, scraps.
Usually the best U14 players are playing half season for a natty team than prep or playing up on U16 team so they can showcase themselves for Prep. Don't worry, keep writing out those checks until U20 thinking that he's just a late bloomer, playing in front of 10's of people and justifying the costs on his need for development. It will jump him from Adult C to Adult B when it wraps up so it was totally worth it.