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Re: 03 Terriers part 2

Settle down! I am sure your son is one of the 2 so don't worry about it. The seniors, juniors and sophomores at your prep cant wait to have your "contributing player" on the team!

Put your "super" team back together no one really cares!

Playing U16 as an 03 doesn't make you a lock to be a "contributing player" on a Prep team...even to the trained eye

Re: 03 Terriers part 2

Ah, here’s where your logic is bad. No mention of anyone playing u16.

Re: 03 Terriers part 2

You told him!


Re: 03 Terriers part 2

Are any 03 Terriers even playing U16? Most went U15 Rats, CCW, SKS, etc., including those who made the National Festival. Top 03 Eagles playing U16.

Re: 03 Terriers part 2

The best one is. And he'll be playing prep and probably in Michigan.

The rest of their top players are pretty decent, but nothing special or worth making a fuss over. Maybe 2 more might contribute on prep a bit this year and have a some future if they take the next step.

Re: 03 Terriers part 2

A number of “deals’ being made in the halls of Marlboro to get this done. One dad very determined.

Re: 03 Terriers part 2


Make it happen

Re: 03 Terriers part 2

Nothing to see here. The best 03 from that team goes to prep 2+ hours away - so nothing happening.

Re: 03 Terriers part 2

Heating up, player to be named later. Boys off to his, let’s see who can bring it