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Re: Second half U16

So you went to captains practice's, which is probably only about 50% of the team that will try out and you're ready to bail.

This means either
a) the team is really bad but you're still delusional with where your son's career is heading. (As someone said, if he was good enough for the few U16 teams worth playing for, you would already be there.)
b) you realized the other goalies are significantly better than your son & he wan't going to play varsity

If it's A, stick it out for the year, your son might actually have fun playing with kids from school and find yourself a better option next year if you still feel it is necessary.

If it's B, any U16 will do so just start reaching out to all the teams, you'll find someone to take your check & telling you about how they'll get your kid to "the next level".