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Re: 03 Terriers part 2

You told him!


Re: 03 Terriers part 2

Are any 03 Terriers even playing U16? Most went U15 Rats, CCW, SKS, etc., including those who made the National Festival. Top 03 Eagles playing U16.

Re: 03 Terriers part 2

The best one is. And he'll be playing prep and probably in Michigan.

The rest of their top players are pretty decent, but nothing special or worth making a fuss over. Maybe 2 more might contribute on prep a bit this year and have a some future if they take the next step.

Re: 03 Terriers part 2

A number of “deals’ being made in the halls of Marlboro to get this done. One dad very determined.

Re: 03 Terriers part 2


Make it happen

Re: 03 Terriers part 2

Nothing to see here. The best 03 from that team goes to prep 2+ hours away - so nothing happening.

Re: 03 Terriers part 2

Heating up, player to be named later. Boys off to his, let’s see who can bring it