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Re: SSAT Scores

Wrong...He will be Capt. of the swim team:swimmer: :swimmer: and he's also one heck of a volleyball player too....:laughing: :laughing:

Re: SSAT Scores

None of you hockey idiots can legitimately say your kids play three sports, at least not three real sports so save yourself the embarrassment and don’t try to b.s. the people making decisions regarding your kids’ future. Unless your kid is all of sudden going to grow a pair and play football or learn how to hit a baseball.
Nobody said they had to be good at three sports.. just that they had to play three sports. It is required in most boarding schools.

Re: SSAT Scores

SSAT scores not important. Go to the hockey game instead.

Re: SSAT Scores

Has game tomorrow, SSAT can wait. Could always apply next year