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Re: NE Regionals

You make a valid point but the fact of the matter is that the USA National Tourney has always been about the PROGRAM and not necessarily the players. Programs that consistently win National Championships like Shattuck and the strong Michigan teams have thrived by bringing in kids from out of state/region to produce better teams. Frankly this is probably better for player development especially for those talented players who happen to have grown up in traditional non-hockey regions. MA is pretty unique in that there is a large talent pool in a relatively small geographic area, and can produce strong teams without looking too far outside of state lines. That said many of the MA teams had kids rostered from outside of the region.

Re: NE Regionals

Why not just invite the top teams in the country and do away with "regionals"? You could still have a National tournament but this way you'd make sure you get the best teams there - not just the best from each "region". I guess you wouldn't get regional tournament fees this way.

Re: NE Regionals

Ya think...:thinking_face:

Re: NE Regionals

What's the point of having a USA Hockey national tournament when some teams are full of players who are not American?

Get used to it. Rules are constantly being relaxed to allow players move across previous boundaries. Junior leagues allow more imports than every. NCAA is now somehting like 35% non US players and growing.