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Re: Where is BA U16 in state tournament?

Fact Finder, you mention all the better 02's played up last year instead of 15's. If they're all so good what are they doing this year playing U16 again? TL has 7-8 02's playing regularly this year in U18 T1EHL games, some as full time players including his son. He sent another 02 from his team out to the USHL last weekend to play in games. I guess that makes the BA 02's better this year because they're playing up, right?

And please don't try to pass the Mass State tournament off as some kind of huge "make or break" weekend. What a joke!!!!
BA is 0-6-1 in U18 and ranked 63rd in country...everyone with a stick who wants to play gets called up. Like it matters anyway playing up since most kids will be playing prep and playing kids that are older than 18 anyways. Its nothing special getting called up.

Re: Where is BA U16 in state tournament?

It's so funny to see the locals not being able to figure-out how higher-end hockey works. Like state tournaments matter, like prep hockey being this pinnical of the sport, how in Tier 1 how U-18's aren't actually better than U-16's, how the USHL is and will be for the foreseeable future the place to play, what it means for a high-end U-16 to play-up to U-18's, why 19 year old PG kids are even there in prep's all such a mystery to the locals, but it is still pretty entertaining. :thinking_face:

In the words of Bob Seger - workin' on mysteries without any clues.