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Re: Cost for U16 and U18

first it was at least 20k now its well past 20k-Im sure you heard this from someone somewhere at some point-gotta be true
After 8500 tuition, if you don't think you spend over 10K on total expenses between late Aug and early March, I don't think you've done it..

Car mileage alone is an easy $5k. Add in 3-4 plane trips/hotels/4 day weekends, and it's well over $20k total..

Add in food on the road and other expenses specifically for hockey.

It's a ton of hidden costs.

Re: Cost for U16 and U18

ok-but the OP asked for tuition costs-not dining expenses, rental cars and hotel bills which I'm sure can add up rather quickly if you take the whole family to showcases.

Re: Cost for U16 and U18

Yes. But Tuition is just a portion of the total out of pocket expenses to play FS 16/18.

Just go in with eyes and wallet wide open.