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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: Prep Tryouts

What schools have tryouts? Team is picked in April when they get their commitments, unless they needs 4th line spot or 9th Dman.
Shhhhh! Not all the parents know that. Not what Admissions told them, or what the assistant coach said when they did their tour!
I know, right? Every year I see kids and parents that thought the process was much more \"fair\" than it really is at a lot of schools, especially the top schools.
At what point has the process ever been fair anywhere? It isn't, the sooner you learn this the better prepared you'll be.
You're right, of course, but I'd say the stakes are a little higher than Town Hockey politics.

Borders on fraud if a parent chose a school based on being told their kid will "compete for a spot" when in reality the team is already picked.

Or, how about the "recruited" kid that gets partial aid and a guaranteed Varsity spot and then ends up being a four year depth piece to fulfill the commitment because more kids accepted those March offers than the school expected?

Should probably be posting this on the Kiddie Board, but unless your kid is a legit D-I prospect you'd better be choosing a school based on the education. It was just a few years ago that people posted here that the difference between Prep and MIAA Catholic Conference was that Prep had more depth and rolled four lines. Not any more!

The opportunities in Prep Hockey are declining rapidly. My kid's hockey experience would have been very different if he had gotten there just one year later.

His academic experience would be the same.