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Re: Local U16s teams

This is him. Is the GM and coaches too many teams. My kid played for him in past and I hear he still coaches 18s and 16s. Had to take over 15s based on other posts here from what I hear. Complete mess. Not as bad as folks make him out to be, but a young coach still finding his way. Runs a good practice, no so good on bench. Typical Lovell program. People either love or hate him. Like many coaches, filled with a lot of false promises. Disorganized and kids need to have thick skin to survive him. Probably what will continue to be his problem. A true Lovell protege, which is why his, like BA and Knights continues to be on the down slide with numbers down, they don’t get it.
He's 27. That isn't young. Has been acting this way for 6+ years now. Time to grow up. Sadly, I doubt he will. We'll be saying the same things when he's 40. Personally, I'll keep my kid well clear of him.

Re: Local U16s teams

Correct. Could be good if he would only learn to teach vs just yell and name call. Not a lot of actual coaching happening and it shows with every team he’s had. Always a revolving door wherever he’s been. He does what the Lovells ask though, which is collect tuition from anyone!

Re: Local U16s teams

My son liked playing for him