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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: Cost for U16 and U18

A prep school isn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t going to pay for his college. Sorry, he isn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t that type of person who excels in the classroom. Wish he was, but he isn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t. Those college possibilities are still there for non prep students as well. Like I said, Prep is a waste of money. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll save that money for his college tuition.
That\\\\\\\\\\\'s like saying \\\\\\\\\\\"buying a Porsche is a waste of money. My Camry does the same thing.\\\\\\\\\\\"

Or, \\\\\\\\\\\"buying a house is a waste of money. I rent a two bedroom. Keeps us warm and dry.\\\\\\\\\\\"

There is absolutely nothing wrong with those choices. Doesn\\\\\\\\\\\'t mean another set of choices is wrong.
Exactly, with the car reference. Wrong on the renting analogy. Prep is a waste of money.
So, if someone said \\\"I\\\'ll give you a Porsche Cayenne for \\\$15,000 plus your Camry\\\" you would turn them down because it\\\'s a waste of money?
Not a waste of money if it is not your money. Not a good anology in what we are talking about here. Try again.
The point was made in a similar thread that even at $15,000 Prep School isn't worth it. So, let me carry it over to this thread.

If you had a chance to send your kid to Prep School for $15K because of hockey, would you take it?

The Porsche is a perfect analogy. You get to drive it for four years. Trust, me, you'll enjoy driving more. And after four years, yes, you have a used car, just like the Camry owner. But, you've had a better experience, and odds are it's going to be worth more. So, it provides a better overall return.
Why would I do that if there are hockey options out there that are cheaper. No, the Porsche anology is not the same. I am still the one having to pay for it.

Re: Cost for U16 and U18

first it was at least 20k now its well past 20k-Im sure you heard this from someone somewhere at some point-gotta be true
After 8500 tuition, if you don't think you spend over 10K on total expenses between late Aug and early March, I don't think you've done it..

Car mileage alone is an easy $5k. Add in 3-4 plane trips/hotels/4 day weekends, and it's well over $20k total..

Add in food on the road and other expenses specifically for hockey.

It's a ton of hidden costs.

Re: Cost for U16 and U18

ok-but the OP asked for tuition costs-not dining expenses, rental cars and hotel bills which I'm sure can add up rather quickly if you take the whole family to showcases.

Re: Cost for U16 and U18

Yes. But Tuition is just a portion of the total out of pocket expenses to play FS 16/18.

Just go in with eyes and wallet wide open.