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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: High School Season Coming!

The best was the prep or full season dad hardo - "Yeah, but what about the kids who like to play real hockey?"

And the reply - "they're out in the Midwest playing in the USHL"

Hahahaha, never a hero in your home town!

Re: High School Season Coming!

I don\'t think anyone is saying MIAA is good as a WHOLE.

My point is that Prep or FS U16 isn\'t the end all be all for every good player, or even to develop good players.

There are still very good players at the MIAA level who can either move on to Prep later or Juniors, which most of the Prep/FS kids end up going anyways for ages 19/20. Split season and summer showcases prove it. There are MIAA kids all over the ice competing and doing well against the alleged cream of the crop Prepsters.

Playing MIAA in winter, good split in the Fall and quality summer showcases won\'t hurt a solid player one bit.

Actually, you're the third person to make this point, but the prep hardo keeps coming back with forced objection because...prep hockey is the best!
Even if the hockey isn’t the ‘best’.. the education certainly is. Unfortunately i don’t think that matters to some people.

Re: High School Season Coming!

So what is it looking like? Any sleepers out there making a run at Super 8 glory or is it the same-old-same-old? Who will be good?
hearing Pope Francis stands above the usual contenders.

curious how Central does with the turnover.

Re: High School Season Coming!

Some of the traditional public strong teams look like they've lost their hockey players and are now fielding teams with kids who have hockey as their second or third sport. Won't be good is my guess.