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Re: Too many leagues and teams

I'm specifically replying to the remark regarding Mr. Cox's prospect lists. No one in my family has ever met him and I can assure you we have never paid him. My son does not go to a prep school and does not have a hockey advisor. And yet somehow his name still manages to show up on these lists. So unless there's a fairy godmother out there subsidizing the marketing of my kid I choose to believe that it's his talent that is getting him noticed!
Dollars to doughnuts you either have some impressive lineage / last name or your kid is a roam the ice, puck handling defensemen who has really never played a shift of defense in his life. Nailed it, right? :mag_right:
Love these *******s who talk like they know it all about amateur hockey. When in fact, all they do is play the system and push everyone else to the side. Excuse me, pardon me, my kid first. Fact is, most of these clowns who have their kids skate for free while the rest of us pay for it couldn't hold there own if their kid was left to their own merits. Free ride in youth, then free ride in Prep, and then preach to others that the only way to make it is by going the Prep route. I always laugh when I hear their BS in public. I always think, you must be an idiot to think that I believe that.

Re: Too many leagues and teams

What? Almost incoherent drivel.

Re: Too many leagues and teams

Thank you - I thought it was just me that didn't get that rant.

Re: Too many leagues and teams