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Re: Keeping your kid back in eighth grade

Publics don't do it because they don't really transfer in. Catholics are famous for it and preps it is pretty much mandatory. They sell the parnets on "oh it's better for your kids education because we are so advanced here..." When really it's the hockey, football, lax coaches all wanting 19 year old men playing against kids. Think about it, cut a high school in half and take away the most motivated, diligent students (the girls) and then you think you have a superior academic institution? Beeotch please.
I'm not tracking with your post. Do you think prep schools are all boys? They're the exception. There are also as many female athletes as male athletes in Prep schools. And, if it's pretty much mandatory at all the preps, exactly how are 19 year olds playing against "kids?" Wouldn't they all be the same ages? Sorry your boy isn't a "motivated, diligent student."