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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: High School/Catholic/Prep Tryouts

da Boss
Head Coach of New Hampton used to be involved with Avalanche but his kids are out of youth hockey now and so is he.
Correct. Now he is Split Season Director for the Cyclones organization and put together a pretty decent U14 team.

Re: High School/Catholic/Prep Tryouts

You are incorrect.

Assistant Cyclones Coach is Assistant SJP coach (goalie and Brother in law to another Assistant coach) took his goalie son and his friends, a couple of sophomores equal or better (and no my kid did not get cut).

Varsity players are angry and Frosh coach is angry. So yes it matters, how did it work out for them playing Hingham today-laughable. Two of the frosh forwards have stone feet....
5 freshman players from one team, guess players should not go to SJP with any thought of a fair tryout.

Re: High School/Catholic/Prep Tryouts

Look at the bright side...

You're spending $25K for a great education at SJP. Your kids are just not going to play hockey there. Sorry, but friends and family is alive and well at the high school level too!