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Re: Bishop Fenwick

When they get a real coach that would help BF tremendously. JQ at a catholic school is a shame. The archdiocese should be proud.

Re: Bishop Fenwick

JQ is the best coach that has come through Fenwick. Watch out if this team gets into the dance in March, as he’s s proven tournament coach. Over the last week, this team is coming on strong, with a tie against CT power Notre Dame Prep and total domination earlier tonight against a strong Saugus team. He has them peaking at the right time, as the kids are finally picking up on his system.

Re: Bishop Fenwick

:smiley: Thanks Coach

Re: Bishop Fenwick

Strong Saugus Team? They just lost to Beverly and best player serving suspension.

Saugus is better now with him back in the lineup next week. Bottom line- Fenwick won’t attract players until he is gone.

Re: Bishop Fenwick

Saugus team had freshman goalies in game. Starter didn't play he was sick.

Coach is a little jerk! Go to a game.

Freshman parents you have no idea yet! You are cheerleaders this year you will see whats up with Quinlan his act gets old.

Re: Bishop Fenwick

His seniors have been with him for three years now.
What are you talking about. I think the seniors have 6 goals between them

Re: Bishop Fenwick

I like JQ but Funny that you think Notre Dame Prep and Saugus are "Strong" teams. HAha

Re: Bishop Fenwick

Best part of Fenwick hockey is drinking at the Jade.
3rd year for this guy and no playoffs yet. Highlight of season is beating Saugus and probably beating Peabody in Carlin Cup. And then there is the shirt guy picking our pockets with his garbage hockey shirts that we dont need.

AD needs a coach that has a clue not this screaming little clown that wants his ass kissed.
Bad leadership from top to bottom.

It is not a curse boys it is the coach.


Re: Bishop Fenwick

Heard the disenchanted parents of kids not getting playing time were spouting off so had to visit for a good laugh. Program has struggled in D1 but is having more success in a tough league than it ever has. Beating AC and Archies (never done) and playing some very tight games against St. Marys and Austin are good signs. Team has had struggles scoring consistently but the kids play the game the way it should be played. Good leadership from the older kids and the Coach and his staff are fantastic. The tough-minded (and physically tough) kids would skate through a wall for Quinlan. The soft kids and parents that want to be coddled and think that paying tuition is going to get them playing time have nothing better to do than try to sour the program to satisfy their own shortcomings.