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Re: BCH 15 / MC 1

Good with kids..are you f\\\\\\\'n serious with that? That is one of the funnier posts of the year. You obviously haven\\\\\\\'t spoken to any family whose kid he coached. Talk to some of the kids from his last two disasters and tell me if they think he\\\\\\\'s \\\\\\\"good with kids\\\\\\\". He\\\\\\\'ll get next year because he needs a chance to \\\\\\\"bring in his own players\\\\\\\" and I don\\\\\\\'t care if they go 20-0, he\\\\\\\'ll still get the axe because of how he is with kids.
sounds like your boy didnt make his team somewhere along the way. Proven track record of delivering and no disputing that. kids will block shotrs for him, go the extra distance and look up to him as a result of his leadership and how he treats them
Cut by him no, played for him yes. Can he teach the game and motivate kids, absolutely, particularly in the short term. Does he hold his players accountable, absolutely. Can he communicate with kids, absolutely not. Does he occasionally cross the line and endanger kids long term health in the name of a W, absolutely.

I\'m happy that you think you\'ve found the missing link that will return MC to relevancy, I hope so because high school hockey needs a jolt. How does that old saying go \"a leopard never changes it\'s spots\" or something like that. He\'s been let go from every organization he\'s been a part of in two seasons or less and if he can coach, and kids love him, ask yourself why?

His most recent dismissal from a split season team was not his fault. He had some guys around him that he later learned were the problem and anyone could see that
I hope he succeeds, like the NBA needs strong teams in Boston & LA, high school hockey needs MC, AC, SJP to be strong but it's not just last season's team he was dismissed from. Go talk to some parents from the Merrimack Valley area, he's been let go from every program he's been a part of after 1 or 2 seasons. I already agreed with you that he has a solid background, he knows hockey, he can motivate kids in the short term and does a great job of holding his players accountable and he always has. So why can't he stay anywhere long term?

I have no doubt he's going to bring in a strong class next year and his record will reflect that influx of talent but I also know his history.