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Re: Oh no, guess who’s applying to your school?

Is the cardigan reference a fashion choice slam or in reference to the school? I am curious but also confused by this post. On one end if a school was going to accept a bunch of "problem" kids that would not be the greatest culture to go into but it depends on what you mean by "problem". Attitude, bullying, lazy, drugs or talent, coachability? Not sure what you are talking about.

In my opinion there are things out of your control on every team and any situation you step into in life. At some point you need to learn how to handle things, make the best of situations and rise above. If your family can make a school work and you feel that its a great fit (teachers, reputation, hockey) why would who else goes make a difference. The schools we have seen do not appear to be easily changed by a kid or two.

I am Canadian so apologies as I do not know the culture of hockey that well in your area. Ours is very competitive and we have some prep schools and little to no highschool hockey. We like the prep school path for the education focus but still allowing for hockey.

Re: Oh no, guess who’s applying to your school?

People think we're slow cuz we're from Canada, eh...