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Re: Rich Kids

A little entitled at times but ok other than that.. Parents are the bigger issue.
the entitled rich kids whose parents do everything for them or have helicopter parents are brutal. No accountability. The rich kids brought up right are usually the best players on the team. No ego, empathetic to their teammates and the parents stay in the background.
Gee, sort of like anyone else.

Re: Rich Kids

Battle between rich and poor in my experience. Shades of grey with both. For the bad ones? Entitled for rich ones, f-u attitude and deviant for the poor ones. Rich kids openly don’t listen and mock coaches and alienate teammates, poor ones bully and steal stuff.

Well patented ones of both are fine.

Bad rich parents can’t be stomached. Bad poor parents usually ripping butts, hammered and causing fights at games.

Re: Rich Kids

Adults that label children are the worst of all. They are all just kids. All of you can do better than this thread.

Re: Rich Kids

Thanks hippy mom. Sorry Hilary didn’t get elected.

Re: Rich Kids

? Poor kids play hockey ? This ended about 25 years ago. No room in the era of 'write checks first, ask questions later.' :spider_web: