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Re: Lacrosse vs Hockey Path

So a Lacrosse player can do 4 years of high school and then go play some form of College Lacrosse if good enough? No wasting 2 years of life before hopefully playing college? Sign my kid up for that.
I dont understand why Hockey has to be so much different even to play D3..toxic.
Because 99.9% of the lacrosse players when they graduate, have to have a day job.
You lost me..Wont all of them need day jobs once they graduate?
Some will play professionally (and it\'s more than 0.1%). High level, low level, outside North America, professional opportunities exists in hockey that don\'t exist in lacrosse.
99.9% of the Lacrosse players that will play professionally will still need a day job
So will 99 percent of the hockey players. Professional sports is no way to make a living except for a very small fraction of players.