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Re: NZ on Twitter

I thought the same thing when I read it. They are just trying to create content to stay relevant and get people to bite to pay for the gated content they are selling. At this point they are now way down the list when it comes to quality of evaluations and content - much better scouting analyses (for free) are available elsewhere. However, we (the parents) are the ones feeding the beast by reading, sharing and purchasing the subscriptions. The good news is - nobody who is actually responsible for choosing teams and evaluating talent for high school, college, etc actually pays any attention to this stuff.

Re: NZ on Twitter

Where do I find the "much better scouting analyses (for free)" you are talking about?

Re: NZ on Twitter

I guess it's better than a Fox News of youth hockey where viewers would look at each other and ask, "who is this Hypothetical guy?"