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Ban Battle of Boston

Delete this post if I'm wrong but I had my son committed to play both Battle of Boston and Chowder Cup. Just got word that BoB changed it's dates to conflict/compete with CC tournament.

I call on you to ban BoB due to complete stupidity of BoB organizers.

Re: Ban Battle of Boston

Foolish to have them the same weekend.

There are PLENTY of parents that would pay to play 2 weekends in a row (and planned to). If they remain the same weekend it waters down both tournaments. Most orgs will be scraping the bottom of the barrel to fill up their teams.

Re: Ban Battle of Boston

This isn't hard to understand. The draw of both of these is maximizing the exposure for the players. And the scouts aren't hanging around for 10 days.

So if BoB didn't change their dates they wouldn't be able to tout having a robust scouting list.