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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: Pure Gold

Just looked at two USHL teams. Only one player was not on protected/affiliate lists. Now if your looking at all of the players who played 1-2 games then your a fool. I\'m talking about those that are there for the season, not a cup of coffee. Every other kid was drafted or traded for from another USHL team that drafted them.
Thats true, but I can tell you, if your kid is invited to an USHL Main Camp, yes, it's a fund raiser, but it's also a huge exposure camp, many NAHL, other USHL, DI & DIII scouts in attendance. If you can afford it, and your kid is serious about playing college hockey, I would take the chance and go.
They used to be small and relatively exclusive so the exposure part used to be true. Now there are hundreds of kids out there playing wack a puck because the fundraising part has taken over. It's too bad really. But if you want to go, go. No one cares. Just don't spout nonsense that 80% of the rosters are undrafted.

Think about it this way. 80% of 23 man roster is undrafted. So 4-5 players a year are "walk ons". Given that every year about half the roster are returnees, that means almost half of the new players show up out of the blue. Yeah right.

Re: Pure Gold

My son played town hockey three years ago, Played E9 for two, plays Prep now on varsity as a freshman, got cut in 40 for USA NTDP camp, keeps moving up the ladder, little by little.

You know...the best thing is that he is learning the value of hard work. Some of these camps are pipe dreams, but he loves the sport...absolutely loves it. We let him go to one away camp per year for the last two years. It's an award for working hard. Sports lead to better education. Education leads to better sports. I am loving the journey of him moving from a boy to a man...

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