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Re: Walk me through this

"...but know why Club Hockey has exploded over the last 5-10 years."

Hmmm, let's see The kid gets to pick the university first and hockey second; the sport is offered in hundreds of schools coast-to-coast - you can play at a southern school and get out of this god forsaken weather; the kid can slide right onto a team after his senior high school season at 18-19; practice schedule which is a couple days a week instead of 5-6; academics can come first, you can miss practice; you play in the same barn as the varsity kids; at least compared to many D-3 programs the club teams might have more fans (compare schools like Georgia or Alabama Club team attendance to any D-3 program in the country)' yeah Club hockey isn't great but go watch a D-3 game and you tell me. . . yeah I'd say I can see how this is going.
Sorry your kid was relegated to Club Hockey. Let me guess, either you or your kid tells people that "Club Hockey" is "College Hockey"? Was he EHF Elite too?

Re: Walk me through this

No I run a local junior team and we love to declare our kids make hundreds of college teams and this has to include club teams. . . which are elite.