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Re: New England College Tour

Thanks. Looks pretty cool! Wonder if it's the first time they've done this?

I wouldn't expect it leads to any "inside track" or anything, but it's a cool way to see the four schools.

Re: New England College Tour

All your doing is funding the coach's at UNE who put this on? You think paying $700 and visiting Maine, UNH, and UMass gives you an "in" at these schools for hockey??? If your kid is good, he will be contacted by these kind of coach's without having to spend $700. On the other hand, I do have some land for sale in Fl, are you interested??

Re: New England College Tour

$700.00 to go tour those 4 schools including food and lodging is a good deal, the hockey and coaches presentation is a bonus. If your kid is into it then we’ll worth it.

Re: New England College Tour

Wow coaches are getting creative. Most schools let them keep the profits from these summer camps so it’s now a key component of their income.