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Re: Family hockey advisor recomendation

Stay away from Hockey Concepts. Biggest scammers out there. You have been warned!

Re: Family hockey advisor recomendation

If you have to seek them out, then you don\'t need one. Help you kid get good enough so they come to you.
Actually, we have 2 people who already approached us. One of them is pure NHL/OHL pro level agent and he is trying to steer my son to play juniors and not to follow NCAA road, but my son prefer to graduate fro school 1st and follow NCAA route. the other one is promising the whole world. We are not even sure what to do.
All this family advisory is to sketchy for me. Its much more strait-forward with Pro agent but its not the route that my son want to go at this moment.
Anyone that tells a NE kid to not go the NCAA route is not serving your kid properly. Unless your kid is a brick in the classroom.

Who was the last top US prospect that went to the CHL?

But, the fact you mention OHL tells me you're probably full of ****.

Re: Family hockey advisor recomendation

Conor Garland, Charlie Coyle or...or....or...

Re: Family hockey advisor recomendation

Conor Garland, Charlie Coyle or...or....or...
Way to show your knowledge.

Conor Garland was far from a top pro prospect. He played six games in the U as a 16 year old before jumping to the Q. He was undrafted in his first year of eligibility, then was a 5th round selection after leading the CHL in scoring and being the MVP of the Q.

Charlie Coyle absolutely did not set out to go the CHL route. He was drafted in the first round and played 1 1/2 years at BU before finishing the season in the Q to "focus on hockey."

What else ya got?

Re: Family hockey advisor recomendation

Wait a minute, there are a bunch of New England born players who went the Q route and now are ripping it up in the Coast (ECHL), that $500 per week will go a long way without a college education.

Re: Family hockey advisor recomendation

Here's my recommendation...

If they are not a NHL certified agent; don't waste your money.

Re: Family hockey advisor recomendation

A real open niche here in the local hockey scene is to forget being an adviser and maybe just open a 'youth sports public relations firm.' You know, the people who push the kids on to teams that have the kids of former NHL players so they can get looks, contact the local hockey press to talk-up a slightly better than average player, make them available for every tournament, get photos of the kid on every website and for every program, get inside the heads of the local junior scouts and teams by telling them the kid wants to play for all of them. . . oh, that's what advisers do. Nevermind.