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Re: Big D vs Small D

What we witnessed was a team of defenseman vs a team with glorified forwards playing defense.

Re: Big D vs Small D

Soooooooooo hows the \\\"Little puck moving defensemen\\\" working out for you in the playoffs?

\\\"Move the puck for show, smash them through the boards for dough!\\\" Hitting wins championships.
Its pretty sad when your toughest D-man is Torey Krug. I\'ll give Chara a pass, playing with a broken jaw. The other guys? WTF. The only time they hit anyone was after the whistle.
McAvoy was dogspit last night. Go watch him on the 2nd and 3rd goals. Out of position, back turned to the play, completely oblivious of the position of both goal scorers, who were his responsibility to pick up.

And we're supposed to sign him to what, 8 and $10?
McAvoy is Kevin Shattenkirk-fat.

Re: Big D vs Small D

Looks like the small D got it done last night
They won a battle and lost the war. Congrats

Re: Big D vs Small D

Miller is a pylon.