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Re: Stick suggestions

Pro stock sticks are tough to buy because you never know what you're getting. Some will be labelled '75 flex' and they're as stiff as a board, others will have wild curve variations you think would make them throwaway factory seconds. Best solution has been to find a curve the kid likes and search the internet for new sticks from 3-4 years ago with the same curve on closeout. Sure the colors and graphics aren't as desired by kids as this years models but saving a couple hundred bucks a stick it's worth it.
^Agreed. If you search you can find 2016 & 17 top line models for half of what they were retail. Stick technology hasn't changed that much since then so finding his curve is what will matter most.

Re: Stick suggestions

Sherwood 5030 feather lite Coffey curve

Re: Stick suggestions

BH23 Base hockey's new Drury heel curve.. just order one for little bender