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Re: How to start PR for your kid

Fraud Alert !
Stay far away from CH and HockeyConcepts. They are the biggest scammers. They had an ex Fed Ex driver on staff saying he was an Agent. He also works at HighEnd low results hockey. I understand that people want to be something in life but if you do not have the experience or the resources do not take people's money and time.
You sound butt hurt. Who cares what someone did for work earlier in their life? I was an usher in a movie theater, has no impact on what I do now.

If he doesn't know hockey, that's different. But, if it's who I think you mean, I don't think he's there any more, and he does know the game.

Re: How to start PR for your kid

Not all PR is good PR. Recent examples of kids Getting named “ top uncommitted’ and their progression has ended , Plateaued, several in same age group and younger are better 6 -12 months later. Gotta wonder if the PR machine hurt these kids.

Re: How to start PR for your kid

Lacrosse players post pr video after each season, as early as freshman year or even 8th grade. Why not in hockey too? Hockey dads and boys are less tech savvy?

Re: How to start PR for your kid

Take jeff cox out for a round of golf or a nice steak dinner and lil johnnie will get their press.
Or find some old NHL'er, buy him a steak dinner and a bucket full of Brandy Old Fashioned Sweets, offer him $200 to go to your kid's game and then introduce the old booze bag NHL'er to Cox and tell him the kid is the nephew of the washed-out player. Lineage! Lineage! Lineage!