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Re: MC Recruiting?

They are recruiting however it won't help them. MC hockey season will be another fiasco.

Re: MC Recruiting?

Looks like MC has quite a few kids transferring in from schools such as Haverhill, Andover, etc. No one can say with a straight face that they are not recruiting, which supposedly is against MIAA rules. Nothing to see here MIAA!
So are you more upset that your son didn\'t get asked or was your son was part of last season\'s fiasco & will now be relegated to fourth line or JV?
No, I am simply pointing out that MC may not be following the MIAA rule book when it comes to recruiting.
Again, why do you care? All the CC schools recruit, apparently you are the only one that doesn't know this. MIAA will do to MC what they've done to SJP, St. Mary's, CM, etc., which is nothing. It's sort of like the speed limit on 128, more of a suggestion than anything.

Re: MC Recruiting?

They "may" not be following the rules! So they also "may be" following the rules, you just don't know! What evidence do you have to substantiate that allegation? Or, do you just come on here and throw bombs and hide behind your anonymous sir name? If you have something, contact the MIAA. Only someone with skin in the game would respond in kind. Your kid probably plays for one of those aforementioned programs, and now the team is suffering and your little Johnny is being exposed for the dog that he is because you lost your best player!

Re: MC Recruiting?

I think a phone call to the Child Protective Services from a well known country singer is in order.

Re: MC Recruiting?

Eric Church just called. He said 'Come on Homeboy'

Re: MC Recruiting?

No No No No. I would have to give up this.