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Re: Private day school recommendations?

Suggesting to research all 169 nepsac schools including ones ending 9th grade or in CT? Not a good advice. Just an ego against ISL.
Did I say that asshat? No. I said check the playoff results listed on the NEPSAC website. That'll tell you who the best teams are by sport.

My kid plays at an ISL school. League means nothing. Real championship is winning the NEPSACs.

Re: Private day school recommendations?

Sorry. I missed the playoff part. Mines plays in ISL too.
Where is the archived result of playoff results in the NEPSAC website? I see sporadic list of news, but those news are also missing results from 2017-2018 and other years.

Re: Private day school recommendations?

Thanks so much for all those that have taken the time to reply! Very helpful.
Academics definitely come first in our book, but the kids log course think the sports are just as important.
We will definitely look further into Rivers. Does anyone have an opinion about Austin Prep they’d be willing to share? Location wise- it would be convenient, and I think we’d prefer a true day school vs one where there was a boarding option (don’t want the kids to be the outliers if they’re some of the only ones that don’t board). Any other school that are coed, and true day schools, north or west of Boston? Thank you again!

Re: Private day school recommendations?

My son goes and plays at one of the day schools mentioned in the thread and loves it. Some of his former teammates play at AP. They definitely have a good hockey program but it’s a step down from the preps IMHO.

Having gone through the prep school admissions process, I would tell you to focus more on academics and overall school fit . All the schools are great but are also very different and cater towards different types of kids. Best of luck in your search.