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Re: Gap years for hockey schools

My son is going to be graduating this year in 2020, he currently plays Midget Major AAA, and wants to pursue a NAHL/NCDC path.

Do you guys know if gap year players can play on \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"academy\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" schools like Selects, Mt St Charles, and Shattuck?
If they are not looking for your son, your only hope in my opinion is to go to a good N3hl team and hope he out-performs everyone. If he does following year maybe he plays in up to the Nahl. Honestly there are a lot of teams that will let you pay to keep the dream going, be careful an watch him play objectively
Most NA3 teams are awful and don\'t advance players. Some will even fold, more than likely. Best pay to-play in the states is EHL.

Be careful on NCDC. Model is to sign way more players than needed, then move extras down within program. Tons of families don\'t understand this, have their kid sign, and then regret it.
Do they sign a NCDC contract? If they move them down do you have to pay if you signed the NCDC contract? That’s bull!
Well, since NCDC/USPHL isn't sanctioned there isn't anyone to enforce any sort of standard.

My understanding is, informal rule is they can't force you to sign an Premier contract, but the alternative is to stay on NCDC and be a healthy scratch.

This is no different than NAHL/NA3, BTW. Kid and family are thrilled they got a Tier II contract, then you get to training camp and there are more players signed than spots available.

And, even if you make the team, they run kids through all year round to see what they have. Basically, if you aren't top 2 lines/pairs, your lineup spot is in jeopardy all year long. At least if you're 2nd line/pair you may get bumped down, but that's better than not dressing.

Same for Premier/Elite and EHL/EHLP and now, ECEL and whatever the 2nd Division is called. And, I'm sure, the Academy teams.

Re: Gap years for hockey schools

NA doesn’t have contracts or anything to sign. And they can’t assign you to the NA3. A player would have to agree and sign a contract to play there.