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Re: U14 Options for 20-21

I think what was being said - is that for development, full season is a better option than JV regardless of the ice time the JV team gets. I haven't seen too many JV programs, but those that I have seen have not been very good.
Agree. Even Prep JV is where hockey dreams go to die.

Re: U14 Options for 20-21

My son is a late birth month 2006, so he will not be on the HS team for 2020-21, what are some good u14 teams to keep developing at?

Utltimatley west of Boston is preferred, marlborough will be the absolute furthest I would travel west, Andover north and Newton/Needham south. The goal is to get him ready to play hockey at a very strong public HS, if he excels we may look at other options. He is top 5 skaters in his grade (mostly 2007's), but our HS is very competitive and may not make the Varsity team as a Freshman (some kids even stay back to play).

being a late birth month we are caught up in that split season vs full season bull****. I know u14 half season teams are stronger particularly Wiz, Eagles and Islanders elite, but they are geared towards older prep players. So we are looking for prob the next tier down, any suggestions?
If you can't find something that you are comfortable with at U-14, look at U-15. I have found the programs to be a bit more stable in terms of kids actually playing the season than U-14.