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Re: NCSA vs Family Advisor

Just stop. Living. Through. Your kid!

Unless the Orr group or USNTDP reps are reaching out to you, you are wasting your money.

Kids playing on USPHL, ECEL or other crappy Bantam or Midget teams aren’t going anywhere special and certainly won’t see value from giving a fake drunk agent money. It’s a scam.

What do you know about the Orr group? You throw their name around like you have ever had a conversation with someone there. Not happening? As for USNTDP, if you got the cash, you can get some good invites.
And, it is actually possible that parents do what they do so their kid can live his OWN dream. Just because you\\\\\\'re drinking your kid\\\\\\'s college fund away at the VFW doesn\\\\\\'t mean other dads aren\\\\\\'t in a position to help \\\\\\"work the process\\\\\\" so their kid can achieve what they want out of their lives, be it sports or anything else.

And you\\\\\\'re 1,000% wrong about USPHL or ECEL not being able to lead to college hockey. Which is most kids\\\\\\' immediate dream.

Now, get back to work. That gravel isn\\\\\\'t going to load itself into the truck.
He’s not going anywhere, $1.50 drafts at the VFW until 6PM, then he stumbles home and verbally liquid courages his kids about what they are doing wrong.
What’s your obsession with the VFW?
It's called a metaphor.
And he learned that from the SAT Prep class he took through NCSA!