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Re: New England Full Season

Looks like one of the Lovell brothers or their butt boys is sensitive!

Sorry your teams aren’t good and you are only in it for the money!

Re: New England Full Season

Holy crap Batman. Put down the crack pipe you FS Lovell lover! You are either TL, JL, KP or RL. All tool bags.

Most peeps would kill those FS teams.

As far as “commits”.....older Gaudreau wasn’t a BA FS player. Prep to USHL. Younger brother? 4th liner at ME, if he dresses. SD? BC ready to pull plug on him. Little TL? Will never play D1 hockey. Unfortunately too small. Other 2 guys on his team? Come on now. All publicity stunts. Merrimack and HC? Really? UNH brothers? Maybe the younger one....SD only one who playing in USHL. We’ll see how he does. Monarchs had 1 commit, who can’t make a USHL team.

USPHL? Doesn’t even warrant a response.

Prep....I would start typing but way to many to list. I think I made my point.

TL, sorry your programs are over rated...
Gaudreau played for T1EHL North Jersey Avs than USHL

Re: New England Full Season

Ahh. You mean a NJ kid???

Um, yeah...we are talking New England bozo.

Now back to your crack pipe!