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Re: Giants/Gens/Knights - Junior Hockey News

If you want real coverage of junior hockey, go to Stephen Heisler is a legit source and not in RG's pocket, so his site is completely free of bias.
Just because you agree with him doesn't mean he is free of bias. He is as biased against USPHL as Joe K is biased for it.

Re: Giants/Gens/Knights - Junior Hockey News

Don’t get off point folks. Call it negative, call it dark but any team who does not have the minimum number of rostered players should be reported and players should be refunded. Giants, Knights, Generals, Spartans, Militia, Express, Shamrocks, Bandits, and the list goes on are all scams and should be called out like any business.

USA and Mass Hockey has failed the development of the game by not regulating the number of and quality of teams.

Lovells have the biggest joke of a team again this year with Giants. Look at the scores. Like 5 kids on team and the rest rented each game. How does anyone let this happen? And don’t give me the more ice time or who cares about winning crap. Players don’t develop never touching puck and getting hammered 10 or 11 zip every game and playing 40 mins a game.

Hey owners, REALLY stand behind your product and service.

No midget or junior team should have less than 10-12 forwards, 6-7 defense and 2 goalies of similar skilled players.

If not, get called out!