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Re: ECC College Cup refs

Former ref basher
Haven\'t you paid attention? There are NOT enough refs to cover games. Also, the pay has not stayed true with the economy. If you want a \"side hustle\" to get a few bucks- skating up and down the ice listening to guys like you in the stands is not worth it for $50-60/ game. BTW- this is not a full time job for most. So, you are getting guys that worked a 40 hour week and then are reffing 12 games on a weekend and repeat again next weekend.... So, no- they probably aren\'t giving 100% for your Elite child. Just put your feet in a pair of skates for 4 hours while watching TV and see how good that feels.... now- add in keeping up with the 17 year olds... so- keep on b*tchin..... good day!
I get what you are saying here and all those things make sense. There are issues on all sides here though. The pay needs to be increased, more training needs to be done, parents need to stop b*tching, standards need to be upheld. Until the owners, organizers, parents and refs fix these issues the peoblems will persist. So as I hear and understand your side I would say that refs need to take their position seriously and uphold high standards.
Top Reasons Officials Quit
#1 Parents
#2 Coaches
#3 Slow Pay
#4 Actual Pay

Parents, myself included, are often insane at games & I'm an official. I understand how emotionally invested we all get but the number 1 reason my colleagues stop officiating is parents.

Coaches are usually just parents closer to the ice. Outside of dangerous play, no reason to ever scream at me if you are a daddy coach.

Some organizations take MONTHS to pay their bills. I've worked with many qualified younger officials who use the money to help pay for college or are a year or two out and still establishing themselves so rent/insurance. They can't wait three months or more to get paid.

Combine #1 & #2 and we should probably get a raise but it won't stem the bleeding. Raising rates might keep a couple of guys around a year or two but long term it'll have no impact.

We all need to behave a bit more civilly and that'll go along way to keeping folks on the job. Next, if you know you are part of an organization that's really slow at paying, start complaining to your org. Most of us are required to pay our tuition in full before they let our kids on the ice, no reason for me to do a game in October and get paid in March outside of the compounded interest the owners are making on the tuition.

BTW, I watched two midget games last weekend with one ref and it wasn't safe. If I had my gear with me, even though my kid was playing one of the games, I would have gone on the ice to help for safety reasons alone. If we keep losing more officials than we add, this is going to become the norm.