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High School & Prep Hockey
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The more significant point here is that why would any even decent 03 play USPHL FS 16 instead of finding a good half season team and then play HS or Prep?? The obvious answer is 99% of them couldn\'t do the latter. The good half season teams don\'t want those kids and they can\'t play prep or most good HS teams. So they\'re left with low level FS 16.

I\'d say just have fun, play on an convenient half season team and grind it out on your HS team or JV prep and call it a career. It should be a fun activity at this point. Their not going to play college hockey or even anything past 2 years of Tier 3 juniors. Why bother spending $8,500 plus another $5-7K in expenses to play what amounts to JV or low level MIAA hockey anyway.. I don\'t get it. The Kings, Bandits, Jr. Bruins thank you for your patronage..
You honestly don't think that the top starting 5 players from a U16 FS in MA could make their High School Team. Cmon man, you are nuts.
Depending on what HS team, but on the good ones those SSK, Bandits division kids would have very little shot. You have 05's leading some of these teams in scoring up front.

If the Bandits played Duxbury they'd lose by 10


Wow. Someone likes to hang at the DUX VFW....

ALL local USPL teams would beat any town HS.


There\'s not even a single Mass Hockey Top 100 2003 birth year playing USPHL U16 FS. Not one
So you don't consider the multiple kids spread across a few of the teams that make the Mass Festival every year to be top 100?

Don't bash players or a league you know little to nothing about.