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Re: The Lovell Development Model

Didn\'t realize you were so interested in 17 year old boys, maybe you should seek help!

And maybe the parents decided to spend their $50K tuition on college instead of high school????????
Good decision... they will have to pay for college!

Re: The Lovell Development Model

Pretty sure that crew can afford prep. BA has yet to have a winning record against prep teams this year.

Regarding NAHL, maybe after 2nd year of 18s, maybe. Then again, zero commits coming from any kid playing 2 years of 18s.

Re: The Lovell Development Model

Final weekend results for the Giants/Gens. My suggestion would be just make it a house league and be done with it. Can't get $8500/4000 for that though..

Giants U16 1-3 6-26
Giants U18 0-4 3-29 (omg)

Total Giants 1-7 9-54

Gens 16 SS 1-3 3-10
Gens 18 SS 0-4 7-37 (wow)

Gens FS 16 1-3 11-19
Gens FS 18 1-3 5-18

Total Gens 3-13 26-84

Total Lovell Mutts
W/L : 4-20
GF/GA: 35-138