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Re: Springfield Pics

Just heard they will not be fielding a U18 team again next year. Elite and Premier only. Kiss the program goodbye.
I also hear 16s only have 1 coach on the bench at all games now, not good. If you are a U16 on that team, start looking at Prep, get ready to go back to your public high school next year or you better be ready to leave home for a good U18 program.
3-4 U16 going Prep next year, the rest will be cut or go back to homeland. Elite is not the place to develop.

Re: Springfield Pics

Good Luck to them at states..........oh wait

Re: Springfield Pics

Read entire thread and the OP has a good point. I would assume WNEU/ Westfield isn’t all that good so I’m surprised they are not recruiting PIcs kids. Amherst, Wesleyan have grade requirements so maybe that is an issue? AIC is a D1 program, they are not taking USPHL kids. Loosing the 18 program definitely hurts the program and area kids looking to advance through the process, USPHL Elite Division is not good but it’s nice to see some kids have success there but what are they going to do next year? I am surprised to hear about the U16 team being in the lower division, they have some good kids from that area who I assume will move on next year without the U18 option. I disagree with the shots taken at the coaching, those brothers relate to the kids and have always gotten the best out of their best players. I hope it all works out as I remember watching my nephew play against Dinnen/Flaggs Pics teams of years ago, they were some scary talented rough players.

Re: Springfield Pics

There is a Lovell program that has same problem...