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Re: U18 Full Season options

Jeez guys, why does everyone have to answer every question from the perspective of an \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"elite\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" player and the best path to D1 or the NHL. The freaking kid just wants to play out his senior year. And don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t tell me you all have kids with a future in hockey past HS. Just a bunch of dboard tough guys wishing they had elite players.
OP's player wants to bail on his HS team his senior year because coach is bringing in freshman. He should play out his senior year, be a mentor etc but his old man is advocating that he quit to chase something more and is asking for advice on where to go.. responses here are well deserved.
In your opinion. You know the saying, everyone has one, right? Particularly true here.

That doesn't make it right for this kid or this family.

Maybe he's just BTDT and wants a different experience before he hangs the skates up.

Maybe the coach is a an asshat and he's just done dealing with his BS.

Maybe he knows his ice is going too be limited while the team "rebuilds."

Try to not be such a blowhard.

Re: U18 Full Season options

Boston Advantage and 95 Giants are your best bet. They both provide a pipeline to the only real junior league in New England.

Re: U18 Full Season options

Giants? Really??? Do you know anything about the coach or teams???

BA, Jr Bruins or Kings

Re: U18 Full Season options

Agree. Mess of everything there. Team is basically the u16 kids. Per MHR team really bad. Coach a jerk. No communication. Bad league. Made that mistake in past. Run from this organization. BA good, same with Kings or Jr Bruins.