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Re: Prep School Financial Aid Fact and Fiction

Thank you for the great responses. Where I find things confusing is they can admit you but what you are saying above is, even though they have the SSS report showing what you can afford that number may not mean anything?

A school can accept you to attend knowing full well that you have no way of affording it?

I was also not aware that the affordability calculation did not include boarding costs. So what ever my sons number is I have to figure out how much it costs to board him at the school and add that in to have any idea of what I might be looking at for next year.

I dont want to get into describing the hockey side of things because I want to avoid the BS stuff. Does being from Canada help or hurt also and are there any ways to know if a coach is blowing smoke or actually interested?


Re: Prep School Financial Aid Fact and Fiction

Most coaches are always interested because it is a business after all. Do your homework and understand where your son fits in the team if at all. There are a couple schools which over recruit and other schools which might be loaded at a certain position with returning players.

Re: Prep School Financial Aid Fact and Fiction

I've actually heard room & board are easier for schools to give away than tuition. Different rules at different schools, maybe.

But, very VERY few kids are getting full rides. Projected draft picks, maybe. Most of that is parents bragging. A buddy of mine's kid was a 1st round pick and is in the NHL, and when he was at an ISL school he was getting a couple of grand, based on how the formulas worked.

Re: Prep School Financial Aid Fact and Fiction

Being a Canadian doesn't help it actually hurts your chances as most schools have limited spots for international kids with FA. However we know of Canadians kids who are hockey players on FA.