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Went to the Burlington/MC game last night to see if Burlington was for real. They are not. Bush league program. Lights were too bright for them. No composure. Running MC kids. After the whistle cheap shots. Goalie tried to start a fight in the handshake line. They deserve to lose that game. MC outplayed them all night.

Re: Burlington/MC

Ive seen Burlington play multiple game this year, they are good but not a #1 team. They should be ranked around 8-10. Wasn't at game but good W for MC. Will MC muster enough points to make tourney? Won't be easy looking at their schedule but possible.

Re: Burlington/MC

MC better than expected... Competing in every game

Re: Burlington/MC

Burl plays a weak league. Beat nobody but underachieving Hingham. Joey McD lost his credo. Hottest team in state? Pahhh-leeze. Joey McClown