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Re: Nick Tracia

Austin Prep
Hi Audiences-

I heard Nathan Sherr was inducted into the Austin Prep HOF. That means Nick Tracia should get in, correct? Nick was an extraordinary student and a 2 star on athletics. He played Lax and Hockey. Lou once had said “He was a leader on the ice and fine person. He had the skills that made him who he is today. He has a look in his eye that could kill, but at the same time tell you exactly who he is. He is intelligent at the very least. I once saw him get a 97 on a test. I once asked Nick, why do you want to play ice hockey for Austin Prep? And with little to no hesitation, he replied it is what I was made to do. That’s when I knew he was a star.”

Vote Nick Tracia for the AP HOF. Let’s get the word out on social media. #NickTraciaAPSHOF2021
"I once saw him get a 97 on a test."

WOW! A 97? He must have been valedictorian!