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Re: Battle of Boston cancelled

Last year they cancelled the younger one due to lack of teams, this year they cancelled the spring one which they say is because of Corona but really because they have no teams..... when are they going to wave the white flag and say this was a failure? we tried to overtake the chowder cup and failed miserably
Last years spring tournament had plenty of teams and probably the same for this year.. Younger group probably will be canceled as well and lack of team could be a factor.
I think you're missing the point.... last year's spring tournament had 20 teams, which I wouldn't call plenty in reference to the Pre Draft which had 80+. But the point being made was these guys created tournaments to try and extract the best teams from the Chowder cup tournaments and have them all come to their event and have failed miserably. They cancelled the bantam tournament last year due to lack of teams, and now with the corona they cancelled the spring tournament. The chowder cup people moved their spring pre draft tournament to June, so have to think that battle of boston outright cancelling it instead of moving it was because they had no teams. ultimately saying that it was an epic failure of an attempt