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Re: Prep School Revisits

Might be a legit question. Toured the schools for 45 minutes, interview for 30 minutes now asked to make a decision without going back in campus. If a kid gets into 2 or 3 schools that’s a tough way to make a choice. If it were my son he would base it on the level of hotness. You had a good point until you called him a snowflake, deserve to take a beaten for that one, no?
Yeah I\\\\\\\'m sure they\\\\\\\'ll solve the prep school incoming student visit issue right before they deal with putting their school back together after this disaster. You kidding me? They want your first payment in the bank ASAP, they won\\\\\\\'t be waiting around for you to make your decision.
So instead, the answer is \\\"we understand there is a pandemic but make sure to mail your first payment without revisit\\\" that makes zero sense.
Doesn't sound like you're a Prep School family. You aren't in charge, big guy. School has all the cards.

You know you have to donate beyond tuition, I assume? Hope? Otherwise you can kiss your kid's TOI goodbye.
Will a 50K donation do it or no? Money isn't the problem, not knowing what the best fit is what we are attempting to figure out and it is difficult without going back.

Re: Prep School Revisits

Ask for a list of students your son can contact and ask if they have any videos of classes or events on campus. You should be able to get a pretty good feel for the school. Granted they will be polishing what they give you but its better than complaining to the Dboard.

Re: Prep School Revisits

We did a virtual revisit and it wasn't too bad. Staff answered many questions, students gave their feedback on questions, Head coach called us directly to go over summer expectations and they sent us a virtual tour of the campus which was high quality. It works for now considering where we are currently.